I owe my friends an apology, I have been absent from my website for a few months. I was busy re-writing my one woman show: Beyond the Dark which is based on my book, Driving in the Dark, A Childhood Memoir. The effort it took to create the play was an energy suck. I performed my show in Feb 2018 and in April 2018. I have completed a total of 5 shows. It was great raising money for charities! And I managed to entice folks to buy my book!
However, this effort was hampered by several health challenges: the day of my opening show, I got food poisoning. I had to cancel that night and performed 3 shows in rapid succession. Then, I sprained my R foot and while I was recovering, I came down with a severe case of Shingles. I re-wrote my play, rehearsed it and performed it in the last stages of Shingles. It was a major challenge.
But now, I am well and I have dedicated myself to more communication with my friends.