In addition to being a survivor, writer, and gardener, It is also my calling to tell my story. I tell my story in the hopes that it will move other people to make a change, to choose freedom from their past life events and to move into the person they were created to be.

I have spoken to a variety of audiences throughout my years. I feel that my effectiveness is speaking to women in groups.

Women's Ministries

Book Clubs

Foster care providers

Non-profit organizations



Professional business association

If my story touches you and you feel as I do, that it may impact more people, then please feel free to share my information with your professional organizations.

Speaking Topics Include

~A Childhood Recovered~
My story of redemption

~Never Give Up~
The life you have is the life you choose

~The Importance of Faith~
You can be free of the past in order
to create your new future

~Quest for the Quiet Mind~
The Physical/Emotional healing power of forgiveness

~Crisis is Opportunity~
Courage is the positive visualization
to make actual change

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