My mission is to help survivors of loss, abandonment and abuse who are struggling with anxiety and depression later in life.

I can help because I am a survivor of child abuse who managed to get adopted at 18, graduate from college and celebrate a married life lasting over 40 years. My experiences equip me to help survivors realize that they are not alone in their pain and that there are ways to thrive no matter what has happened in the past.

I share my experiences in inspirational speeches and in my book, Driving In the Dark, A Childhood Memoir. I have also written, produced and starred in my own one-woman show, Beyond the Dark, during while I take the audience through a compelling healing journey.

As a result of my book, speaking and my show, people realize that they are not alone in their pain and the effects of abuse can be overcome. I show them that all you need is willingness to change and a vision of what you need.

I want to pass forward the healing that was gifted to me. It is my joy to help people move forward into the next vibrant chapter of their lives!