Zoe Niklas was a victim of child abuse, and grew up with an alcoholic, drug-addicted mother, but refused to remain a victim. Zoe decided to write a memoir about her recovery from childhood trauma and her adoption at age 18 to encourage others who have experienced child abuse or neglect. Her new book Driving in the Dark, A Childhood Memoir, is available on Amazon.com.

Zoe has also reinvented herself several times in her career. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Drama and Theatre Arts at Whitman College, she and her husband David ran a successful horticultural business together for 35 years.

She also worked as the legislative secretary for a state assemblyman, sang at the Oregon Legislative Assembly, became a nationally certified fitness instructor and taught fitness classes for 12 years.

Zoe and David live in a beautiful, tranquil home in Oregon, where they raised their wonderful son, decades of mischievous dogs and housed numerous horticultural interns in their basement. Zoe enjoys gardening, cooking, painting, writing, playing with her grandchildren and her dogs, camping and singing.

Zoe is available to speak to women’s groups and ministries, professional business associations, churches, book clubs, adoption groups, abuse recovery groups, corporations and nonprofit organizations. Her story of survival and triumph is encouraging, insightful and uplifting for all who hear her speak. Enthusiastic delightful and filled with hope, Zoe helps her audience and readers transcend past hurts and drive out of the darkness and into the light.