My name is Zoe Niklas. I am a survivor of child abuse and the author of Driving in the Dark: A Childhood Memoir. My book tells the story of how I escaped the mother I loved, a mother whose charm and laughter enthralled me, but whose alcoholism and addictions created a world of terror that threatened to destroy me. But at the age of eight, I refused to be destroyed and set out to find a world of love and safety. I found that world, and though it took many difficult years to reach, it changed my life profoundly.

If you have ever been harmed or humiliated by a loved one, have ever doubted your reasoning and sanity when insane and unreasonable people have hurt you, or have been haunted by memories of pain that linger into your current life, then you’ve come to the right place.

This website is a place of hope. By sharing my survival story, I hope to inspire you to create your own world of love and safety, so that you, too, will be truly free.

I am reaching out to give a hand up.


Please take a few minutes to listen to the audio excerpts from a book reading as read in person by me!